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Armoire Clothing Logo Design
Clients: Armoire Clothing Pvt Ltd
Category: Logo Design
Date: 03/16/2022

Crafting a Unique Logo for an Up-and-Coming Clothing Brand – Armoire

Armoire, a startup clothing brand based in Sri Lanka, approached MafitaTech with the goal of designing a unique and memorable logo that would appeal to both local and international customers. With plans to expand their business overseas in the future, the company needed a logo that would not only stand out in the competitive fashion market but also reflect their brand identity and values.

Our Approach:

  1. Client Consultation: We initiated the project with an in-depth discussion with the Armoire team to understand their preferences, requirements, and vision for their brand. This allowed us to tailor our design approach to meet their specific needs and expectations.
  2. Market Research: Our team conducted extensive research on the clothing industry, analyzing both local and international competitors. This helped us gain insights into industry trends, successful branding strategies, and target audience preferences.
  3. Audience Analysis: We further examined Armoire’s target demographic, studying their tastes, buying habits, and expectations from a clothing brand. This allowed us to create a logo design that resonated with the target audience.
  4. Brand Naming: Recognizing the importance of a strong brand name, we conducted thorough research to generate several naming options for the client. After careful consideration, the client selected “Armoire” as their brand name, which was also our top choice.
  5. Color Palette and Typography Selection: Based on our research and understanding of the brand’s vision, we curated a color palette and font that would complement the logo design and reinforce Armoire’s brand identity.
  6. Sketching and Design: Our designers began the creative process by sketching out various concepts for the logo. After refining these ideas, we developed a final design featuring a bold “A” letter with the word “Armoire” elegantly placed below it. The gold color of the main logo embodies sophistication and luxury, aligning with the brand’s aspirations.

Logo Concept and Rationale:

The logo we designed for Armoire is a perfect representation of the brand’s essence and aspirations, as it captures the company’s focus on sophistication, style, and individuality. The large, bold “A” letter embodies strength and confidence, showcasing the brand’s commitment to empowering its customers through fashion. The elegant “Armoire” text below the “A” signifies the brand’s attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship, and its dedication to creating unique clothing pieces that leave a lasting impression.

The name “Armoire” was our top choice for this brand for several reasons. First, it evokes the idea of a wardrobe or a collection of clothing, which directly ties into the brand’s core business. Second, the name has a sophisticated and timeless feel, aligning with the brand’s goal of appealing to an audience that appreciates luxury and quality. Lastly, “Armoire” has a global appeal, making it easily recognizable and memorable, which is essential for a brand aiming to expand its presence in international markets.

In conclusion, the Armoire logo and brand name effectively communicate the company’s values and goals while resonating with its target audience. The distinctive design and carefully selected name help to differentiate Armoire in the competitive fashion industry and set the stage for future growth and success, both in Sri Lanka and abroad.